Therapies and Nursing Services

Nurses and social workers are an integral part of the school. They assist students and their families with the many medical and social services they need. Ongoing clinics with equipment suppliers, orthotists, pediatric orthopedic surgeon, pediatric neurodevelopmentalist and pediatric physiatrists are also provided at regular intervals.

We offer a wide range of therapy services including physical, occupational, and speech and language therapy as well as assistive technology.

female elementrary student worlong with physical therapist - private special education, Passaic NJPhysical Therapists assist students and adults in achieving their highest level of independent mobility. Through proper positioning and weight-bearing activities, they promote normal development of bones and muscles. Physical therapists utilize exercises, sensory activities, ambulation training, and adaptive equipment to help enable students and adults to reach their highest physical potential.

Occupational Therapists helps students learn the play skills, organizational skills and self-care skills they need to become a successful, independent student. Our Occupational therapists are specialists in sensory integration hand function and vision/perception.

Speech/Language Pathologists are responsible for diagnosis and therapeutic intervention in all areas of communication and feeding skills. Speech/Language Pathologists utilize many methods of augmentative communication including sign language communication boards, and many forms of high and low technology. Screening procedures are also conducted for audiology and tympanometry.

Therapists and teachers use new and innovative forms of assistive technology – computers, adaptive switches, augmentative communication devices, feeding devices and power wheelchairs – to open new doors for our students.

Our therapists also offer groups in ballet, karate, sign language, drama, dance, photography, equine skills, pet therapy and pre-vocational training.